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Are you being sued by a credit card company? You must respond to the lawsuit and you have a right to retain representation rather than handle it alone. If you are being sued for credit card debt and need guidance for how to address this matter, it helps to speak with an experienced credit card lawsuit attorney.

The Page Law Firm, led by Théda Page, represents credit cardholders in litigation and settlements to avoid bankruptcy. When you need solid representation in Collin or Denton County, the choice is clear. Align with a firm that will take action and put forth great effort to obtain the best possible outcome. Improper response or failure to answer a credit card lawsuit can have serious implications. You do not have to go through these proceedings alone.

What is Preponderance of Credible Evidence?

When a credit card company wishes to sue you for unpaid debt, they have the burden of proof. In order to successfully collect, the company must prove their case by a "preponderance of credible evidence." This means they must provide clear, convincing evidence to support their claims. What matters here is not the quantity of evidence, but the quality of what is presented.

In Texas, credit card debt collectors must prove their case within the confines of the Texas Rules of Evidence, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, and local rules by the court in your jurisdiction. By working with a reputable credit card lawsuit defense firm, you may greatly improve your final outcome. You need an advocate with proven legal acumen who knows how to go after large credit lenders and provide a vigorous defense for consumers with credit card debt. Théda is willing to be your advocate.

Representation for Consumers in Credit Card Litigation Matters in Collin County, TX

Whether the lawsuit was brought by the original creditor or a debt buyer, we have the knowledge and strategies to fully represent your best interests. When you work with our firm you can expect:

  • a review of the statute of limitations regarding the debt in question;
  • a careful review of all facts surrounding the debt including the debt owner and the amount in dispute;
  • proper, timely answers in response to a request for admissions from the creditor (plaintiff);
  • examination of the claim to uncover possible violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act;
  • analysis of documentation attached to the petition to ensure validity; and
  • ongoing communication and explanation at each stage of the litigation process.

When it comes to defending against credit card lawsuits, details matter. You can be certain that Théda will investigate the matter fully in order to provide you with the best possible defense. At all times, you will have thorough and honest communication so that you can make informed decisions about your financial situation.

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