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Traditional divorce does not suit all married couples who wish to cut marital ties. In general, litigation is necessary when both parties find it difficult to agree on the terms of a divorce. When you are looking for a firm to handle the legal aspects of the end of your marriage, it is helpful to choose one that offers a variety of dispute resolution options.

At The Page Law Firm, Théda Page offers divorce mediation, negotiation, Collaborative Divorce® and litigation options. Théda is a trained, experienced Collaborative Divorce® attorney who uses amicable methods to resolve disputes that concern property division and spousal maintenance as well as the parent-child relationship in regards to custody, visitation and support.

What is Collaborative Divorce® in Texas?

Title 1-A, Chapter 15 of the Texas Family Code explains the Collaborative Family Law Act, created to encourage peaceable resolution of marital disputes. This type of alternative dispute resolution uses a method known as interest-based negotiation to form agreements that reflect mutual respect of individual and collective goals after a marriage ends.

Some divorcing couples opt for this method because it is structured to guide families toward resolution in a stable, protected environment. The main focus is to respect the needs of each party and find common ground without going to court. Some benefits of using the Collaborative Divorce® method include:

  • Confidentiality: Settlement meetings are private and occur in a mutually agreeable setting outside of court. Details from the meetings are not part of public record. Minimal paperwork is filed with the Family Court but does not offer facts that are specific to either party in the divorce matter.
  • Customization: This method uses innovative strategies to cater to the unique needs of each family. In a collaborative setting, there are no court-imposed time constraints. Couples can use creative ideas to pursue the best possible outcome without feeling rushed.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Meetings are scheduled based on a schedule that suits all participants.
  • Economical: This tends to be a more cost-effective model for divorce than the traditional litigation route and it is a more efficient method for resolving concerns about the parent-child relationship, finances and other important issues.

To learn more about what you can expect using this resolution process, please consult a knowledgeable attorney who is properly trained in Collaborative Divorce®.

Understanding the Collaborative Divorce® Process

There are several key steps in working collaboratively. First, parties must voluntarily approve and sign a collaborative family law participation agreement. This agreement outlines the intent and scope of the process and identifies each party as well as the lawyers who will guide the process. Once the agreement is signed, meetings to reach resolution and settlement may begin. The confidential details are documented, signed by both parties and are legally enforceable, just as if the process was handled in court.

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