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When a marriage ends, the dynamics of family life change. Couples must decide who will remain in the family home, where the children will live and whether a former spouse plans to relocate. In Texas, couples may agree to establish financial support for a former spouse in the form of spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony. In some cases, Family Court may order the support.

The Page Law Firm is a respected divorce law firm serving residents Collin and Denton Counties who require divorce representation. As the leader of the firm, Théda Page offers assistance with issues that affect the parent-child relationship and financial obligations once a marriage is over.

Factors to Determine Eligibility for Spousal Maintenance

By Texas law, a former husband or wife may be eligible for spousal maintenance according to key factors. Those factors guide the purpose, monetary amount, duration and manner by which the periodic support may be delivered. Some relevant factors include, but are not limited to:

  • the ability of each spouse to independently provide for the other based on the financial resources available after a divorce;
  • the education and employable skill of each spouse;
  • access, availability and time for the spouse seeking maintenance to pursue advanced education and training in order to secure sufficient income to support his or her individual needs;
  • the length of the marriage;
  • the age, employment history and earning potential of the spouse seeking maintenance;
  • contributions by the spouse who acted as a homemaker during the marriage;
  • property brought to the marriage by each spouse; and
  • any form of marital misconduct during the marriage.

The factors referenced here are not exhaustive; there are many additional aspects regarding quality of life and contributions made by each spouse to consider. Court-ordered duration of financial support to the spouse seeking maintenance is often based on the length of the marriage in addition to the eligibility factors mentioned.

Duration and Amount of Spousal Maintenance

The Page Law Firm offers several options for couples who wish to divorce in Texas. In addition to litigation, negotiation and mediation, clients may opt for a collaborative approach. Some forms of resolution, such as Collaborative Divorce®, provide more flexibility with making decisions on the duration and amount of spousal maintenance. If you decide to take a more traditional approach, the court has guidelines as follows:

Length of Marriage Duration of Maintenance
Less than ten years No more than five years
Between ten and 20 years No more than five years
Between 20 and 30 years No more than seven years
30 years or more No more than ten years

The purpose of maintenance is to give the spouse seeking maintenance the necessary time to be able to support themselves without assistance from a former spouse. Over time, the duration can be reviewed, especially if financial circumstances, marital status or living arrangements change for either of the former spouses. The amount of court-ordered monthly maintenance shall be $5,000 or 20% of the paying spouse's average monthly gross income, whichever is less.

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