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End the Year With Positivity as We Say Goodbye to 2020

Posted by Théda Page | Dec 31, 2020 | 0 Comments

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There are very few people who will be sad to see the year 2020 come to an end. It almost goes without saying that this year has been extremely tough on all of us. The COVID-19 health crisis, a struggling economy, social unrest, and so much more have left us feeling largely defeated and uncertain about the future. While it is impossible to predict what 2021 will be like, the best thing we can all do is to try to maintain a sense of positivity as we put this difficult year behind us and start to move forward.

We Are Strong

If there is a significant lesson to be taken from the hardships of 2020, perhaps it is the strength of character of the American people. We have faced challenges at the local level and as a nation as a whole, and we are still standing. It is true that we have lost loved ones, and such losses are tragic. Many of us are also now facing financial difficulties and even a possible bankruptcy filing in the near future. However, time and again in our country's history, the American people have shown they are strong enough to overcome even the most difficult times, and we will do it again.

In fact, we are already seeing examples of it. Neighbors are helping neighbors in need of groceries. Friends and family members are keeping their homebound loved ones safe by dropping off meals, medicine, and other necessities. Even just friendly smiles—behind masks, of course—shared with strangers in a supermarket are signs of solidarity. We've learned how to smile with our eyes.

Be an Example for Your Children

If you have children, you have seen how hard the last year has been on them as well. For many children, the COVID-related shutdowns pulled them out of school, sports, and other activities, leaving them with little or no social interactions outside of their immediate families. It is understandable that they might be struggling to stay positive, and it is important for you to set a good example.

To be a good example, you do not need to make promises about circumstances that are outside of your control. You can, however, focus on what you do have rather than on what you are missing. Remind yourself—and your children—that it is okay to lean on each other when things get tough. Continue to let them know that you love them and that they are supported in their feelings.

On a more practical level, you can also set a good example by setting up and sticking to a family budget and sharing the resources you do have available. This can help your children learn how to deal with uncertain financial times. If you are in a position to help others financially, talk to your children about the importance of assisting those in need, and encourage them to participate in the conversation. There are many lessons to be learned from hardship, and by staying positive, you can give your children the opportunity to grow and flourish in the future.

Happy New Year from The Page Law Firm

The Page Law Firm would like to wish all of our clients, colleagues, families, friends, and neighbors a Happy New Year. As we move into 2021, we want to remind you that we are here to help you with your divorce, child support, and bankruptcy needs. For more information about how we can assist you, call us at 214-618-2101. May you all be safe, joyful, enriched and prosperous in the coming year.

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