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How to Find the Right Bankruptcy Attorney for You

Posted by Théda Page | Jan 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

How to Find the Right Bankruptcy Attorney for You

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy, do not overlook the importance of who you pick to be your bankruptcy attorney. A good bankruptcy attorney can tell you whether bankruptcy is the right choice given your financial position and, if so, guide you through the process as smoothly as possible. Ensuring that you are able to discharge eligible debts and protecting your assets will be your attorney's top priorities. How do you find someone who is not only a good bankruptcy attorney but the right fit for you? Keep these pointers in mind when you start your search.

Reviewing Your Options

It is easy to find the names of bankruptcy lawyers that work near you. Typing “Texas bankruptcy lawyer” into a web search engine will give you more results than you know what to do with. How do you narrow down your choices from there? First, your attorney needs to be someone who:

  • Practices the type of bankruptcy law that you need, such as consumer bankruptcy
  • Practices in the area where your case needs to be filed based on where you live
  • Has a track record of success with bankruptcy cases

Testimonials and referrals can point you towards bankruptcy attorneys who have good reputations. Talk to someone who has filed bankruptcy. If you have worked with an attorney in another practice area, ask them for a recommendation of a bankruptcy attorney. Visit online law directories and websites to see reviews and accolades that local attorneys have received.

Figuring Out the Fit

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney is more than finding the person with the most impressive resume. You need an attorney you feel comfortable working with. You can learn a lot about them by looking at their website, but meeting with a prospective attorney is the best way to determine if they are a fit for you. Have questions prepared for your first meeting, such as:

  • How many and what types of bankruptcy cases has the attorney worked on?
  • Will the attorney be the one working on your case, or will it be assigned to someone else in the practice?
  • How hands-on will the attorney be with your case?
  • What services does the attorney offer?
  • How long has the attorney practiced in your area?

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