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Gratitude—What are you grateful for?

Posted by Théda Page | Nov 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

What do we in Texas and the United States have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving? Let us count the ways! Most folks do not associate a law firm with feelings of gratitude and thankfulness, but even attorneys are, at their core, human beings. Our clients know us The Page Law Firm is caring and compassionate. At this time of the year, we like to look back at all that we are blessed with and give thanks. 

For Country

Though much divides this great nation, much unites us, too. We recognize with great sadness the loss of more than 700,000 Americans from the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet we also recognize and appreciate the of our front-line workers, still laboring to put this virus behind us. 

The U.S. Census tells us we have 22 million health care workers in this magnificent country. We are grateful to them all for the hard work, long hours, and heroic work they perform, even in the face of denial, disinformation, and political meddling. 

We also recognize the unheralded, little-noted work of the funeral services industry, whose 24,560 members have kept the public safe under adverse conditions, honored our dead, and brought solace to grieving families. 

For Texas

As of August 2021, 13,226 bankruptcies have been filed in Texas, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. Is that a cause for gratitude or concern? If you are one of the debtors whose home and happiness have been saved by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that statistics brings joy. 

We at The Page Law Firm are grateful that the law still offers everyday consumers the protections of personal bankruptcy. It is a legal and honorable way to discharge debts that may have piled up through no fault of the debtor. 

We are grateful that the Texas courts found innovative ways to proceed with family law matters, from divorce to child custody to spousal support issues. We have been able to offer our family law clients — if not an ideal arrangement — a workable solution to the problems of practicing law during a pandemic. 

For Clients

We are grateful for our clients, who have placed their trust and financial futures in our hands. We handle sensitive issues from bankruptcy to family law, and we do so with clients who are experiencing some of the worst seasons of their lives. 

Yet we are always impressed and blessed by their spirit, their willingness to listen to our advice built on years of experience, and their hope for brighter days. Sharing tears at the beginning, we often share smiles and compassionate hugs at the end of a bankruptcy, divorce, or other legal matter. 

We also have learned so much from our clients, and we are deeply grateful for those lessons. We have learned resiliency, determination, and optimism from these hardy Texans we are privileged to have as our clients. Thank you!

For Friends and Family

The past months amid the pandemic have helped all of us to reevaluate our connections to friends and family. We have worked from home, often competing for bandwidth and dining table space with spouses or our kids. 

We have held Zoom meetings from inside closets, cars, or outside on our patios and porches. We have dealt with kids' homework, the occasional intrusive dog or cat, and delivery workers ringing doorbells in the midst of court proceedings. 

And we are immensely grateful to our family members, pets, friends — even those delivery workers — for making the many months bearable. Our hearts sing with happiness as we begin to see a path out of the pandemic and toward renewed relationships with our neighbors and friends. 

For Fellow Attorneys

Humans, including attorneys, are social animals. We at The Page Law Firm are thankful for having such a fine group of colleagues. Our professional peers not only refer clients to us, they  offer helpful answers to thorny legal knots and, occasionally, they provide an understanding ear when all we want to do is vent. 

We are also happy that we can offer advice and guidance to our Texas colleagues at other practices who may turn to our firm for help. We are all in this together, and we at The Page Law Firm are all glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with other attorneys.

Amid the celebrations and festivities of the holidays ahead, you may be facing personal challenges that require the services of an experienced attorney. The Page Law Firm invites you to contact us today. We can provide help with financial challenges, family law problems, and much more. 

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