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Honoring Sacrifices

Posted by Théda Page | May 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

American Flags

Waterloo, New York is the official birthplace of Memorial Day, a day when we pause to remember those who sacrificed their lives serving in our military. The day is commemorated in Texas, too, with plans to place flags on the graves of the fallen and a call by the Texas Veterans Commission to join a national moment of silence at 3:00 p.m. CDT. Memorial Day can also be a good moment for you to take stock of one of your sacred freedoms, your financial freedom.


Those who have served and sacrificed in our nation's military deserve our honor and remembrance. They fought and died to preserve our freedoms. By exercising your right to pursue your own freedom, you show that their sacrifices were not in vain.

You may be laboring under a tremendous strain from financial issues such as debt, late payments, or mortgage arrearages. You may be sacrificing a lot for those you love. You may not feel very “free” at all.

Through no fault of your own, you may owe more than you can reasonably pay. Perhaps medical issues or a job layoff tightened your belt. Perhaps you have tried to help a family member in financial difficulties and exhausted all your resources, imperiling your own financial security.  

Whatever your reasons, your financial burden does not have to be yours alone to bear. Remember that professional help is close: a Frisco bankruptcy attorney can help you heal and move on from the disruptions serious debt can bring. Use Memorial Day as a starting point to restore and rebuild your life.

Decoration Day

Memorial Day was once known as Decoration Day, a time when people hung patriotic bunting and flags everywhere. Unfortunately, too many Texans could decorate their houses with Past Due notices and letters from collection agencies. Those are hardly the kinds of decorations to inspire you to get up and face new challenges.

Part of taking charge of your financial freedom is shedding the burdens of the past. Bankruptcy may be a way to do that for you. Imagine freeing yourself from:

  • Credit card lawsuits
  • Creditor harassment
  • IRS garnishments
  • Foreclosure

Using the legal protections afforded by Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stake out a brighter, happier future. You can work with a knowledgeable Texas bankruptcy attorney to get out from under unreasonable and insurmountable debt.

Rebirth and Rededication

Memorial Day informally marks the beginning of summer. Spring is still around, though, with rebirth and renewal lingering in the air. The long weekend can be a good chance for you to rededicate yourself to improving your financial future.

Though seemingly a drastic move, bankruptcy can be the rebirth you need to get back on your feet after suffering financial setbacks. Working with a skilled bankruptcy attorney, you can restore balance and peace to your life by getting out from under credit card debt, medical bills, and much more. You can unburden yourself from those nagging creditor telephone calls and attempts to attach your bank accounts.

While anytime is a good time to seek financial serenity, Memorial Day can be the ideal time to seize your moment of rededication.

What Bankruptcy Achieves

Bankruptcy, like armed conflicts, does not cure everything. Just as we as a nation must seek peaceful solutions before brandishing swords, you need to exhaust every other method of resolving financial struggles before turning to bankruptcy.

For Texans enduring serious financial hardship, bankruptcy puts a stop to harassing telephone calls and letters from creditors, prevents a lender from foreclosing on your home, and even stops the IRS from garnishment of your paycheck, impounding vehicles, or seizing bank accounts.

Two options with bankruptcy are Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidates all your non-exempt assets to pay your creditors. It sounds extreme, but the good news is that most people don't have any non-exempt assets.

You can discharge most unsecured debt and start anew, like a fresh-flown flag of victory flying over your Texas home.  

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you a repayment plan from three to five years, and you still gain protection from creditor harassment, home foreclosure and student loan wage garnishment.

The good folks of Waterloo, New York probably see no irony in their town name — a name synonymous with military defeat — being attached to Memorial Day. Don't let debt be your financial Waterloo. Take charge of your future!  

Honor the memories of our fallen heroes by celebrating the freedoms they defended. Gain financial freedom by contacting a Frisco, Texas, bankruptcy lawyer at The Page Law Firm. You may also connect with us by telephone at (214) 618-2101, or you may email us at [email protected].

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