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Ooh! Should I Fear Bankruptcy This Halloween?

Posted by Théda Page | Oct 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

Adults prefer treats over tricks, the same as kids. This scary season, you could actually treat yourself to less stress and a firmer financial footing by declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It's not frightening, and in fact most people find enormous relief in getting out from under their ghastly burdens. 


Too many Texans wait until monstrously huge bills stack up in fiendishly enormous piles before they reach out for legal help. Partly because of pride, partly because of misunderstandings related to bankruptcy, too many adults view personal bankruptcy as something shameful or wrong. It is neither shameful nor legally wrong. In fact, bankruptcy is one of the very few consumer protections our state provides. 

What is shameful and wrong is the gouging, harassment, and relentless hounding creditors use against struggling Texans. While your ghost-garbed kid may only struggle with the fitted sheet costume you threw together, your financial struggles are very real. 

Perhaps you tried to help a family member until you yourself needed help. Perhaps you faced unexpected medical bills. Perhaps the pandemic pinched your job hours until you could not make ends meet. 

Whatever the reason for your financial distress, bankruptcy is a legal and viable option, and nothing to be afraid of. A bankruptcy attorney can bring a halt to those monstrously high credit card bills. The same bankruptcy attorney can end those terrifying, harassing phone calls, too. 


Many creditors treat customers with respect and kindness, but unfortunately, some creditors are no better than ghouls, hoping to feast on your finances until you are completely ruined. They call you at all hours, send ominous letters, and even threaten lawsuits and even falsely threaten to involve law enforcement if you do not turn over your very last dime to them. 

A bankruptcy attorney can bring instant relief from their frightening tactics. From an initial complimentary strategy session, you can move quickly to have your attorney end the creditor abuse. A bankruptcy filing can put an immediate halt to creditor contact. If discharged creditors do contact you, they can suddenly be on the defensive, not you! 


Many creditors resort to scare tactics and tricks to pursue you. You may even believe some of their warnings and think you are helpless. You are not helpless. Federal law protects you by offering both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. They are among the few legal tools consumers have, and you have every right to use them to protect yourself. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to start over, discharging nearly all unsecured debt (though some debt cannot be excluded—think student loans and recent tax liabilities). The process can take between 90 and 100 days. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you time to pay your creditors. You receive legal protection while you and your attorney develop a repayment plan. You are protected from wage garnishment, foreclosure, and creditor harassment. The repayment plan can take up to five years. 


Halloween may be mostly for the kids, with costumes, candy apples and chocolate bars. Yet parents and adults can treat themselves, too. Obviously every parent must perform due diligence and inspect the children's candy before allowing them to consume any. 

Of course you should step in to take charge of the full-sized chocolate bars as a way to protect your kids from all that creamy goodness and sugar. You are doing them a favor by subjecting yourself to the hideous calorie counts. But such are the sacrifices we parents and adults make. 

Aside from swiping your kids' candy, the other enormous treat you can give yourself this Halloween season is the peace of mind that comes from taking that first step to declare bankruptcy in Texas. Engage an experienced Texas bankruptcy attorney and feel your fears and worries wash away. 

Calm your fears about bankruptcy by working with an experienced attorney at The Page Law Firm. Contact us today to see how we can take the shivers and the shrieks out of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Texas bankruptcy.

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