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So Grateful

Posted by Théda Page | Nov 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

The year 2002 was momentous for many reasons: “Spider-Man” appeared in theaters; Kelly Clarkson won the first “American Idol” competition; and The Page Law Firm began providing clients compassionate, conscientious representation. We can be grateful for so much during this season of Thanksgiving. 

A is For Appreciation

We are so appreciative for the many clients we have had the privilege of serving over the past 20 years. Words cannot express how honored and humbled we are. We are thankful, grateful and blessed!!  Here are a few reasons why…

B is For Bankruptcy

The past few years have been difficult for many Texans. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, 2021 saw 18,876 personal bankruptcy filings in the state:

Our current year shows similar strains on personal finances, with a nationwide 7 percent increase from September 2021 to September 2022. Surely these are not numbers to be thankful for, are they?

Well, yes, they are. 

Personal bankruptcy is one of the very few legal tools everyday Texans have for dealing with dire financial emergencies. Having access to experienced bankruptcy attorneys and Texas bankruptcy courts means relief and peaceful nights. When Denton and Collins county adults tap the power and protections of bankruptcy, they can enjoy:

  • Exemptions to provide protection for some of your most important assets, like your house, tools, clothes, and personal items
  • Automatic stay from further creditor actions
  • Legal protection from creditor harassment
  • Shields against IRS wage garnishment

C is For Compassion

When we started The Page Law Firm 20 years ago, we knew we wanted to infuse the practice with the same compassion and caring we apply in our daily lives. Attorneys must of course be ethical and honest, but nothing in law requires the legal profession to show compassion and concern for our clients. 

Yet in dealing with bankruptcy, divorce, and other family law matters, we have found that our clients are dealing with more than dollar signs and divorce decrees. With 20 years of experience working with our clients, we have encountered many reasons to be thankful:

  • Relieving clients from fear, frustration, and anxiety by providing assistance with bankruptcy filings
  • Saving clients from wage garnishment, loss of their homes, and loss of their dignity
  • Helping unhappy couples to handle their divorces amicably, through Collaborative Divorce
  • Working with separated and divorced parents to provide loving supervision and visitation for their children

In every case, by approaching our work with compassion and a genuine concern for the people before us, we have seen sadness turn to joy, anxiety melt away, and sleepless nights transform to blissful slumber. That is our greatest privilege.

D is For Denton (County, that is)

For 20 years our law firm has offered assistance to clients throughout Collin and Denton counties. We are thankful for the high quality of services provided by Denton County, from COVID-19 updates to constant improvements to our infrastructure. 

Similarly, Collin County actively provides a panoply of services, from online services to family courts and more. Not all communities are blessed with efficient, professional county services. 

Sometimes, in going about our busy days, many of us overlook the numerous public servants who work week after week to uphold the laws and order of our communities. From judges to bailiffs to sheriffs, these largely anonymous workers help maintain our freedoms and provide for equal justice to all. 

As a Frisco bankruptcy and family law firm, we interact daily with these faithful public professionals and can attest to their strong work ethic and integrity. We are thankful to have such conscientious public servants working in Denton and Collin counties. 

Looking back over the 20 years The Page Law Firm has been in business, we are so thankful for the people we have encountered along the way. Through upturns and downturns, through challenges and celebrations, the one constant note has been the good people of Texas. 

If you are facing personal obstacles that could benefit from the skills of an experienced attorney, do not let those challenges dampen the joy of this season. Instead, turn to The Page Law Firm's capable professionals. Contact us today and let us ease your burden, whether for bankruptcy or family law matters. Sometimes life can throw curve balls and you need to pause and regroup. You may also call us at (214) 618-2101. 

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Théda Page's practice of law is motivated by the desire to help people through difficult circumstances. She spends time with her clients in order to understand their needs so that she can provide them with comprehensive and quality representation.


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