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Love That Bankruptcy!

Posted by Théda Page | Feb 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

“Love means never having to say you're sorry.”

— Erich Segal, “Love Story”

February is the month of love. Love in all its rhapsodic variations, from romantic to affectionate to platonic and more. At The Page Law Firm, we love bankruptcy, and we'll tell you why. 

Love is Hope

Falling in love gives you a sense of new hope, a desire to believe in something once more. When financial straits make you feel hopeless, desperate, and alone, bankruptcy offers hope. If you are despondent, feel trapped, or see no relief, consider bankruptcy as a workable, legal solution. 

You may not know if you should file for bankruptcy, but you can learn much more about your options by talking to a trusted bankruptcy attorney. Information on personal bankruptcy is available from many reliable sources; your own attorney is your best ally. 

Love is Renewal

Love is a rebirth for many of our dreams. It gives us a chance to feel those melting clouds, that uplifting feeling. Bankruptcy is like that! Really, you go into Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and you get a fresh start. 

You get a chance to rewind and try again, to move away from the past. You have a little cushion of time and freed-up finances to get yourself back together. Bankruptcy is a reclamation, a redemption of your hopes and aspirations for a better future. 

Love is Freedom

Love is not stifling, suffocating, caging, or crippling. It frees your soul, helps you embrace new challenges, and allows you to see new horizons. Bankruptcy frees up cash flow, allowing you to repay student loans on time. You can tuck money away for retirement, pay tax debt that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, and finally get ahead of your creditors. 

Bankruptcy is a practical solution without a moral cudgel attached. You are no more of a bad person for filing for bankruptcy than is someone suffering from a broken leg who seeks a doctor. You have a problem; you find a solution. Bankruptcy in Texas is a safe, sane, legal solution that gives you the freedom to enjoy your life again!

Love Has Four Wheels

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Texas, you can arrange to pay the value of your vehicle, instead of the balance you owe from overdue payments. 

You do have to meet certain qualifications — the vehicle must have been purchased more than 130 weeks before filing (910 days or about 2.5 years). 

You probably love your vehicle. Bankruptcy filed through a conscientious Texas attorney can allow you to keep that love affair with your F-150 pickup truck, or Yugo, or whatever you drive. 

Love Protects

Love offers protections to your heart and head. Research from Harvard Medical School shows that people with strong relationships live longer than those lacking deep, loving relationships. 

Bankruptcy protects, too! You can protect yourself and your family from creditor harassment using the powerful tools of personal bankruptcy, wielded by an experienced bankruptcy attorney. 

The Texas bankruptcy courts are not to be trifled with, and creditors know that. When you file for personal bankruptcy you gain the protections from creditor abuse offered by the legal system. Creditors stop calling, texting, emailing and messaging you through your social media accounts; you regain serenity and dignity. The automatic stay put in place with the court order prevents creditors from annoying you about your debt. The creditors know you have a plan in place to either discharge or repay the debt. 

Feeling alone? Broke? Unloved? The Page Law Firm is ready to help you. We cannot arrange your love life but we can work with you to seek relief through the Texas courts using the strength of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy provides forgiveness and you don't have to say you're sorry.  Please contact us today or telephone our Frisco office at 214-618-2101.

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